Jan. 4th, 2012

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One thing I love about Etsy is that you can find in your shop stats, who is finding you, and where. Apparently there have been a few of my pieces featured on other websites that I had no clue about.

One lovely lady wrote a piece about my scalemail mantle. How cool is that??


So, I've been trying to work on making my life more positive, and conducive to creativity and activity ( lotta tivity's there),  A phrase kept rolling around in my head this morning.

"I am becoming more myself every day"

It's kind of an experiment. Instead of hedging my bets on everything, I am simply doing. Pushing myself to write more. Putting down my pliers, to pick up a pencil and sketch.. or one of my instruments to play. I want to do more with my life. So instead of just wanting...I'm doing.

There is the risk of course that, like anything else in my life, this could end in a fiery cannon ball of death, destruction and Utter Chaos. But I'll give it a go none the less.

I am officially not working for Randolph this year at the AZ show. Instead I am going to be Elise's Toe Ring Bitch ( official title still pending, but I kinda think it has a nice sound to it). 
I am so excited about that I could squee like a schoolgirl. But I'm not gonna. That would just be weird.

I also finally broke the 2 week streak of no sales on Etsy, which was starting to really make me panic. Hopefully more will follow soon. Momma needs to put her down payment on a booth!

Less with the rambling. More with the workin'.

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