Feb. 28th, 2012


Feb. 28th, 2012 02:52 pm
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I have been waiting for days now to get a final quote on what it will cost me to insure the booth in Carolina.

I can't close on the booth, until I have the insurance.

This is making me very, very, twitchy.

Not only is the booth a lot of money.. that I'm making in payments that are slightly terrifying.. but I have no idea what it's going to even cost me to insure it. No clue at all.  My insurance agent swears up and down that she will have a quote for me today. I really hope it's something I can afford. I know the sellers of the booth won't wait much longer.

There are so many things happening at once that I'm starting to feel like the world is spinning completely out of whack. Between closing on the booth in Carolina.. trying to figure out who is going to manage my booth for the two guest weekends in SoCal, attempting to get in to both Bonnaroo AND Chicago Comic Con, paying the last half of GenCon, plus paying off all of my bills, and paying off the car... plus still having to order more materials to make stock.. oh yes, and MAKING the actual stock... plus taxes are coming up..

I'm making really decent money at the toe ring booth, for being just an employee. Really, really decent. But I still have to pull in more during the week to make any of this work. I'll be attempting a local paper delivery tomorrow. We shall see how that turns out.. or if it's just a waste of gas and time.

Etsy has done balls lately. Nothing is moving and I don't know why. The photos are good.. the stock looks good.. I get lots of questions.. but nothing coming in. Gah. I hate the lulls. Really hate them.

Have also fallen behind on Bikram, or any sort of working out-ness, I don't want to lose my tone ( what I have of it).. but the last couple of weeks have been... well... similar to the rest of my year, but slightly more hectic. I need to change that. I like fitting into my pants.

I am going to sit, and twitch some more, and make more stock, while I wait for my insurance lady to call me back.

Wheeeeeee! Running a business is so.... special.

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