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Feb. 29th, 2012 05:25 am
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So earlier this year, I was offered a guest spot at the Southern California Pleasure Faire, for two weekends. I had kind of hemmed and hawed about it ( does anyone really ever say that phrase anymore?).. Anyways..  I really hesitated, because it overlapped Georgia, and it would require me to send one booth manager, and one employee, to run the shop for me. Plus the fees for the two weekends was $700.. and that didn't include paying for said booth manager, and employee.. plus making stock for two shows at once.. plus also paying the gas, the car rental ( because said manager would be Kristi would can't take her van because it isn't reliable).. plus displays...

And it all equals to a lot of headache...and I think...I might just be pulling from it. Which I absolutely hate.  But the more I look at it.. the more it looks like it is going to be far more of a headache than it's really worth. Plus the faire takes a percentage of my sales. %15 to be exact.

I've been trying to gear my shows more towards East Coast anyways.. but it really bums me out. I was so flattered to be offered the guest spot..

I have until March 4th to give the final yea or nay on it.

It just occurred to me that I might be able to ask them to reduce me down to just one weekend... I might ask them about that instead.

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Wow... today was kind of a rollercoaster.

After thinking long and hard about it, I sent in an e-mail to SoCal telling them that I was withdrawing. I explained to them that the person I had available to run my booth was going through health issues, and I didn't see any viable alternatives.

I feel pretty good about this actually. Thinking more on it. It just didn't make sense. Paying the $700 fee, PLUS 15%, PLUS paying 2 employees decent wages, plus covering the cost of a car rental, gas, and hotel....  I just don't see how a profit could have been made. Not a decent one at the very least.  Now I can focus on just my east coast shows...shows that I personally can be at. 

Also finally heard back from my insurance company. They gave me a quote.. 

$1000 to insure my $11K building.  Per year.  *sigh*

But, I talked with the booth seller and she said that she was paying $1500 a year and that they wouldn't even let her make payments ( which mine will), so I am apparently getting a really good deal with this.

I have been extremely lucky in finding not only a kickass accountant..but also a badass insurance agent. She's found me the cheapest business liability that pretty much any of the other booth owners have ever heard of..and now this.  It may have taken forever..but it was worth it.

I am rambling.  I did the paper delivery thing today...  65 bloody stops. 7 hours..  If I can cut the time down to 5, it will be worth it.

I also now have a frozen yogurt. My body is going to hate me..and I don't care.

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