Mar. 2nd, 2012

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I'm feeling MUCH better about the whole SoCal thing. I'm not entirely sure why.. but it doesn't matter. I honestly think that it would have been more stress than the payout was worth.

Had another minor rollercoaster day with finalizing the insurance for the booth. Christallmighty. I can't wait to get this sorted.

First my agent called me and said "Well.... there's a tiny snag. I apparently need to be licensed in North Carolina for me to do this policy ( even though it's through a different carrier).. BUT! I used to be licensed I'm just going to renew my license there now so we can do this" ( seriously...she is the best freaking insurance agent in the known universe).

Then she tells me that she was misquoted on the price. What was originally a $1k a year policy...was actually $1,450...  Ouch.

It was still 25% down and all that jazz... but with taxes and total, came out to almost $500 down.  Which meant I either had to do reaaaallllllllyyyy well with toe rings this weekend.. or I had to scrape, not buy food for a week, and pray that my newspaper job pays more than I thought.  I could do it.. but it would be tighter than a virgin's you-know-what. 

Or I could, you know.. take up hooking. Whatever.

So. I told her that we could finish this up on Monday, so that her licensing could come through.

Fast forward a couple hours.. and a minor segue..

I had my first archery class tonight. So. Much. FUN!

I shot longbow years and years ago at camp when I was a kid. And not much of it. But I've always wanted to do more..and so this week I found a class nearby that had $10 beginner's archery classes. 

It shouldn't have really mattered, but I was super happy that the teacher was female..and her two teenage sons were teaching and helping with the class. They were all fantastic, and thorough with demonstrating and explaining shooting forms and correct technique. The teacher spent a little bit of extra time with me because of my slightly more than ample boobs, and show me how NOT to get snapped in the tits by a bow string. Heh.

My first few shots were terri-bad. But apparently you have to dial in the sights for the bow ( I had no idea that bows came with tiny little sights!).. but once we found the sweet spot..  I started hitting yellow.

Then at the end of class, one of the teacher's kids pinned a dollar bill to one of the targets ( and NOT the center..which was pretty cool). 

"Anyone who hits the dollar gets to keep it.. if two people hit it, you go into a face off, until one of you misses"

I have some pretty severe performance anxiety. If no one is watching I am totally fine... but an audience?? Ugh.  I let a few people go ahead of me.. but then the teacher decided " Hey you three girls ( there were four of us in the class and one had already gone).. you guys can go ahead and shoot at the same time"..  So we did.

I thought I was close.. but missed.  I was wrong. 

Teacher " Hey, you got him!"

Me: "Oh crap!"

Teacher " Ok. That's the first time I've heard someone sound disappointed that they hit the target"

Then the last guy went..and HE hit poor George.  So we get to face off. Hello stage fright! 

And they make me go first.

Aim. Focus.  *THUNK*

Right in George's head. 

Guy steps up.. Aim. Focus. *THUNK*

ALSO right in George's head. 

George isn't looking so good anymore.

We do it again.. 

Finally my arrow hits but bounces... and his sticks.  He gets the now somewhat less than pristine dollar. But I feel kinda good that I managed to make it that far.

Apparently the guy had done some archery before. He was there with his girlfriend who was super sweet. We stopped and talked at the end of class and were actually going to go look at bows together but the bow shop portion was closed by the time we let out.  Hopefully I'll see them at the next class. Friends!  

I'm already looking at places to go shooting at in Georgia. 

I get in the car and check my phone, and see I have an e-mail from my insurance agent.

"So apparently I read the policy wrong.. the total is actually $900... "  Hooray!  I can eat this week!

Speaking of. Dinner... then making stock. What else do I have to do?

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