May. 17th, 2012


May. 17th, 2012 01:28 am
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...with this damned camera, I NEED to get out of the booth and take some shots before I leave this show. 

So.. there is a Drive In here in Atlanta. It's a fantastical place straight from the 50's ( actually, late 40's.. it was built in 1949). It's the same as it ever was, with all of its kitschy charm. 

But this week. This week was horrible. One of our performers was there, at a late night show. He accidentally ran his battery dead, so went to look for a jump from one of the other patrons. He knocked on someone's window, and they apparently rolled it down...and shot him point blank. 

He didn't make it. 

I didn't know the guy personally... but I've seen him around. He's a long time performer here at this show, and was also a martial arts champion...and from what everyone has said, just a genuinely wonderful, sweet, caring person.  

Even without knowing him, it hurts. It hurts so much because it's one of our own, and it was at a place that I love. I hate that so many of my road family have to go through this mourning.  The rational, logical part of my brain knows.. with such a large community..this is what happens. We lose people through all sorts of circumstances..many of them terrible. Some of them preventable. It's a cycle of life.. but it doesn't make it easier.  

There's been a memorial fund set up here :

On that note. Here.. have some pictures. 

Some of the Bajillion scale flowers that I'm making for Bonnaroo

Custom order bottle cover for a pirate..

Goodnight, World. 

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