Jun. 13th, 2012


Jun. 13th, 2012 07:25 pm
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Bonnaroo is done. 

One of the most amazing, stressful, exhausting and fantastic experiences of my life. There is so much going on that I'm reeling just a bit. Feeling rather exhausted, and a little lonely.. but it seems that life is at least moving forward. 

A few Things...
  • I met Alice Cooper, and hung out with his wife at Bonnaroo. How fucking fantastic is that? I also met Feist, but I had no idea who they were. 
  • We did better at Bonnaroo than I've ever done at any show. I also worked more than 50 hours in 4 days, easily. Probably more. I also had to pay my employees mad money because they worked their asses off, so my overall profit is probably not as high.. but still well worth it. 
  • I have a backlog of orders. 
I've already found a place to live ( for now) in Georgia. On a horse farm of all places, outside of Atlanta, on 400 acres..with hiking trails, a lake, and a river. It's a basement apartment, and the very nice, very Irish, landlady has said that if I want to go back to AZ and get the cats and bring them..that would be ok. If the next few weeks work out, this may be the place I land for the next year, while saving up for a house, paying off bills, and improving my credit. The rent is super cheap, the place immense, and it includes things like wifi and electric. I'm still not entirely emotionally ok. But I am at least working on things, and changing what I need to change, even if it hurts. 

There's quite a lot of noise in my head these days.

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