Aug. 10th, 2012


Aug. 10th, 2012 04:44 pm
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GenCon is in like...5 days. 

Am I ready? Hell no! 

I am however, back in Georgia. The move went well. Most of my stuff is in a storage unit in Douglasville, where I hope to settle soon-ish. But some of it is here with me in my underground Fortress. It has helped a lot to make me feel a little less like I'm living in a 1950's bunker. Still want to get the fuck out of here and into a house..with a kitchen and regular amenities.. but for now, it is far from terrible. It's affordable, and I adore my landlady. 

The kitties did fantastically well on the trip. An hour of pathetic mewing, tiny picket signs, and angry looks..but then, resignation, and purrs whenever they got chin scritches through the bars of their tiny jails carriers. Took them about a day or so to settle in..and now everything is hunky dory in their world. They have "Mom" (me).. and plenty of space to be ridiculous. That's really all they need apparently. 

So...I made this for a customer, who then renigged on the order. Not pleased would be a gentle description of my feelings on the matter. I love custom orders.. but I wonder if people understand that sometimes things do not happen on a clockwork schedule. She placed the order a week before Landis's death. I had told her it would be a couple of week at least.. before it would be done because the materials had to be ordered and the shipping takes awhile ( it's pure bronze through and through). She placed a deposit on it. Then the proverbial poop hit the fan with Landis and the aftermath of dealing with it. She came back two weeks later, and I explained to her that I had suffered a pretty severe loss and that I needed more time. I told her after Bonnaroo would be the soonest, and that I would cover the shipping. 
She shows up the last weekend of Georgia asking "Is it done???"

No lady. It's not done. I'm barely holding myself together, AND I have a huge event to prepare for besides that..AND I told you that it wouldn't be until AT LEAST after Bonnaroo.  I tried to maintain politeness, and told her no. The look on her face when I told her was...well.. infuriating. As if she was angry that it wasn't done Right NOW.  

*sigh*.. I hate ranting. It serves no purpose. But, end story... I get back from Bonnaroo, to find a letter from her with a request to her credit card company to refund the deposit. I call her and say " that's fine.. but your skirt is almost done"
She tells me " oh that's great! I wasn't sure because I hadn't heard from you" ( Bullshit lady..I e-mailed you two weeks ago..because I had.. letting her know it was almost done). She says they still want the skirt, and that she'll pay in full.

I am less than smart sometimes.. or I have too much faith in people. I believed her. 

Two weeks later the skirt is done. I e-mail her and let her know.  No word back.  Finally this week, I call her and say "Hey.. I've been trying to reach you.. I've emailed you multiple times.. your skirt is done.. as I asked in my would you like to proceed?"

And I get the sob story about how the air conditioner has broken down, and this and that...and .... you get the picture. 

Why did they not just say " Hey, we can't afford it right now?" the LAST time I called her? Why have me finish a project they had no intention of purchasing? 

I don't know. 

It all works out in the end though. The original price I quoted her was far too low for the amount of work that went into it...and the cost of materials higher as bronze keeps going up in price. So now.. I have a beautiful piece... with a sordid history.. and eventually it will sell for a much higher price to someone who will love it. And I learned things. Learnin' I say! 

Without further ado.. 

This sucker is huge. 20 lbs, 39 inch waist, 14 inches long. Pure bronze. $975 

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