Mar. 9th, 2014

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I worked something like 14 hours yesterday..and feel like I got jack squat done. Stuff was made.. but not nearly enough for the time that I put in.

It was early morning. I'd been up all night, and been awake for a good 18 hours at least.. when I felt the tug. That indefinable pull. Like a Siren's call, it's something that I think a lot of artists get. Something that lures us, taunts us. It's the Muse that titters and says " I can lead you to glorious things.. or I could just be fucking with your head. Wanna find out?" and dances off.

I felt her this morning. Calling me insistently to come outside and explore the back woods. I've never gone beyond the collapsed fence in my back yard, even though I know that technically my property extends well beyond that. I've got over an acre and a third here.

Since it's been an endless Winter, and the trees haven't started their annual re-clothing themselves with leaves, I've noticed something glinting in the distance. Not very far... maybe a 10 minute walk at that. It looked like a pond.

The Muse insisted we head there. Find out what this was all about. So, it being very early, and me being susceptible in my sleep deprived state.. I grabbed my camera, and I obeyed.

I found out that my back forest is really quite that. Straight up dense forest that is almost impenetrable in some parts. Filled with angry brambles and clinging sticky vines. They do NOT want you to pass, and let you know by snagging every spare bit of clothing and flesh. I now look like I have been mauled by a herd of angry kittens.

I could see that something was out there though. And it wasn't a small pond like I thought.

It took a few more minutes of plundering, and stumbling, and shoving my way though the forest and weeds.. but I finally came out onto a clearing.

And it was a lake. A full lake. Surrounded by nothing but forest and rushes and grass.... but that wasn't what caught me.

It was this.


tree bw2

This glorious, beautiful, fantastic tree. This was what the Muse wanted me to see. I'm glad she did.

I have no idea whose property I wandered on to. I know it can't all be attached to my house.. but it doesn't look like anyone goes there. At least not recently. I'm going to be cautious though. There are "No Hunting" signs around, but I don't trust a sign to stop people from being idiots.. and this is prime hunting area.

It's beautiful though. This hidden world. 10 minutes walk from my backyard.

These are reasons why I still love my Georgia home.

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