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So, of course I jinxed myself today. Talking about bills and paying things off. Received a call a few hours ago from an agency about a credit card I had way back when I first started the shop. Credit card was very much past due. It was on my " To Be Paid" list for this year.. but I wasn't quite expecting it at this moment.

The good news. Credit card is now paid off. It's done. This should also, in theory, raise my credit score by a bit. Wheee! The other good news is that I actually HAD the money to pay the amount that we settled on.

The bad... I am probably living off of ramen and air for the next few weeks. The amount came to just a little over $2500.00... This means.. no new roof on the Carolina booth. I'll have to figure out some sort of cheap way to make it a shelter from the rain, because I can't count on rain free weekends much as I would like to.  This also means waiting a bit before paying end of year taxes. Or anything else. Will have to really push Etsy so I can at least afford to put in my apps for a couple of shows next year, and have money to pay my next installment on the Carolina booth.. Yeeeesh. 

I do have a bit of money owed to me for some special orders ( half down, half when piece is finished)... and from the consignment shop in New Orleans.. plus other places where I have money squirreled away.. but still. That was very much Not Expected.

BUT... it will be paid. It will be done. The goal of this year was to move, and to pay off as many of my debts as possible. Despite everything... I'm doing that. Will continue to think positive on this... and pray that people buy chainmail for Christmas. 
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