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So here it is folks... The booth that I purchased at the Carolina show.

That I have no ever-lovin' idea of WHAT to do with. 

Ok, that's a lie. I have a few ideas. Some of them might even be feasible for this year. But wow. Talk about your crappy layouts. I have no idea how these people ( who sold "make your own pottery"), ever managed to survive, when the fact that if it ever rained ( and HELLO..this is North Carolina.. they excel at rain!)..they had to in essence, shut down shop. Different strokes for different folk... but I know that is just not an option for me. I already know that I am covering the pergola this year with lattice, and then covering the lattice with plexi-glass so that light will still come in, but my lovely patrons and the lattice, won't get soaked. 

I also know that I am ripping out most of the weird little fenced in part. And putting in discreet lights.

I really, really want to rip out that whole fucking front area and just start fresh ( as in, where there are weird windows that could be used as wall display space).. but for this year, I will have to figure out something different. I am technically only allowed to make 15% of changes to the booth this year. 

Fuck all that noise. I am making whatever changes I can this year so that I can afford to pay the booth off even faster. I have 4 more payments to go.  

So, without further ado..

I really want to pull this fence out.. It's where they put the kiln to fire the pottery... and it is utterly useless for me.

So there it is.... helpful suggestions always welcome!
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