Oct. 1st, 2012 11:54 pm
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I think my time here in the basement is coming to a close. My tolerance for all of its drawbacks has become small to nil.

We're having one hellacious storm... it's been raining for at least 15 hours...aaaaand.. The basement leaks. Not a little. A lot. 

Not to mention I can't get up my driveway because even though I've asked multiple times for it to be re-graveled.. it hasn't been. So it's just a slick, muddy slope for my car to slide on ( with a convenient ditch for it to go into!)

Or the loud, constantly wrestling/barking/ thundering dogs.. or my landlady screaming at her disabled husband. Or the constant invasion of insects that I can't seem to prevent no matter what I do. Or doing my laundry in a barn..Or being 50 miles away from everyone I know.. Or the lack of any kind of kitchen whatsoever. I've been living off of dry goods and fruit while I'm here. 

I'm used to roughing it. But the reason I wanted a place was so that I didn't HAVE to rough it. 

Unfortunately this comes at a time when I am terribly, terribly broke. Paying off the majority of my prepping for Carolina has me teetering towards flat broke again. I hate this cycle. I know this year was a bit of an exception with not only buying the two booths, but also moving across country, plus paying off the paying show fees... but I should be doing better than this. Paying that last $2500 bill set me further back than what I had expected.

Must push forward. I know I can get through this. I can survive damned near anything . More things have been listed on Etsy...I'm making more stock tonight for Carolina..   I found a place I can rent for $600 a month, in the area of town that I really want to be in. Now I just hope that it will hold until after the first weekend of show. It means renting for a year. Which I hate the thought of.. but if I find a roommate, it would be comparable in price, and be twice as much space..and have a kitchen! 

I'm sending out wishes to the universe at this point.. 

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