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One of these days I will have my shabby little house in the middle of someplace quiet. There will be trees, and maybe a long driveway leading up to the house. Definitely a garden, and flowers, and plants a'plenty. There may even be a pond. I will most certainly have cats, and probably a dog.If I'm especially lucky, loved ones will live with me there too.

There will be games and music, and randomness to fill the hours. I will travel and wander, but always come home, because that's where I belong.

But for now I'm here in the city with the incessant rumble and buzzing of cars, like deranged bees, and the sounds of sirens cutting in and out.
I think of them as hyenas, yipping back and forth.

But the pomegranate trees are budding leaves like it's going out of style. I swear they've grown in the past 6 hours that I last glanced at them. And the hummingbirds have shown up.

I suppose I should start doing productive things.
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This is my testimony
my demonology of written
I want the sex
I want the body
I'm sorry
I brought this on
This litany
This poor imitation
of why I never have
the time
to create the rhyme
or simple little rhythm to
your heart to move
or prove
that we beat as one
every other day we save
with a blink and a smile
you could be
my Jonah
my Judas
my sweet savior
in black Jeans
let's just keep it simple
and say that we're friends
or say that I'm cracking
like a split summer sky
to suck the smoke and
cloud my head
say it's my fault instead
and take our business to bed

March 2014



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