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Birthdate:Mar 19
Website:World In Chains Chainmaille Armor and Jewelry
This is not a love song......

I'm a professional chainmailer/armorer. This means I travel the country in an itty bitty car, going every which way, selling my work at Renaissance Festivals, Faerie Festivals, Science Fiction conventions, and art shows. This really is what I do for a living. Life is just kind of odd like that.

I usually have no idea what the hell I'm doing.

Pretty nerdy for a white girl. Gamer geek when not a workaholic.

I love to capture the world in photos.

I have a tendency towards randomness


Interests (149):

acoustic guitar, alcohol, ancient coins, arabic, archeology, art, art bell, astronomy, banter, beauty, belly dancing, blues, bob dylan, books, bowling, breathing, buffy, bukowski, cartoons, cats, ceremony, chainmail, chainmaille, chicago blues, classical, claudius, collecting men, comic books, comics, complications, cryptozoology, cuddling, dancing, darkness, delta blues, django reinhardt, douglas adams, dreaming, dreams, dustbowl, ecology, electric guitar, exposure, fantasy, fencing, fetish, fetishes, fire breathing, firefly, forgetting the past, fraggles, gaming, ghost hunters, ghosts, girls, goofiness, guitars, gypsies, hawaiian, heavy metal, history, india, indian food, jazz, jimmy page, joss whedon, joy, kinks, knife throwing, languages, laughter, leather, led zeppelin, les paul, light, linguistics, loony, love, luthiery, magic the gathering, magik, magik craft, masterplans, mayhem, men, more gaming, more sex, muppets, music, neil gaiman, new orleans, non-breeder, nudes, pagan, paganism, painting, paleontology, pandemonium, paranormal activity, parapsychology, people, petty, photography, pin-up art, poetry, polytheism, punk, quirky, reading, rebellion, relationships, ren and stimpy, renaissance faires, renaissance festival, rennie, rock, rockabilly, romany, roy harper, russian, russian blue cats, sci fi, science, screaming, serenity, sex, shinai, silliness, snugglebunnies, spinning, spirits, spooky, stangers in paradise, storytelling, sushi, swordplay, swords, tacos, tattoos, thai food, thailand, theology, travel, ufos, vargas, visual stimulus, wine, woody guthrie, world of warcraft
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