Jun. 18th, 2012


Jun. 18th, 2012 12:45 am
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I was supposed to work on an uber huge special order today...and I just couldn't bring myself to do it.Tomorrow then..for sure.

Fighting sadness and depression tooth and nail right now.. The wine helps. 

I miss him. I miss opportunities. I have questions still reeling around in my head.. and the inevitable.." What the fuck is wrong with me?"  Am I such a horrible person?

I painted things tonight. It helps.

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But I'm adding a bit more every day in the hopes that it will eventually feel like home.

I found her at a thrift store yesterday...

I'm really nervous about the amount of money I've spent on this move. Admittedly, I needed the bed, and that was a vast majority of the expense.. but between rent, the bed, and the various and sundry things needed to make a basement liveable..  Well, I need to start making some more Etsy sales, STAT.  I mean...I have money.. but most of it is already earmarked for stuff like taxes, show fees, and bills. Gah. 

I still don't have basic things like, a stove, or a fridge. I'm going to be living off of tuna and apples for awhile I think.  At least there's a Whole Paycheck close by so I can get my beloved organic apples.. pretty much the only fruit that I refuse to buy non-organically.  

Still too much to do. 

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