Dec. 15th, 2012

meccahi: (Smirk)
Huh. I've noticed that I am about a million times happier right now, with my roommate gone. I've been far more productive, and feeling much more relaxed and creative. That's a pretty good sign that I need to get on it with finding MY home. 

I'm supposed to be heading off to a housewarming party, that will include lots of Germans. This is, for many reasons, hilarious in my brain. Eli and her German husband Frank are finally moved in to their gorgeous apartment, in one of the coolest buildings I've seen around in Atlanta. The Telephone Factory lofts..which is, in fact, an old telephone factory, that they have mostly left untouched.. cracking paint, industrial columns, open ceiling.. but they've also added some really elegant touches, and the lofts themselves are huge, with enormous windows. Absolutely stunning.. I'm hoping I can take a few pictures tonight while I'm there.  

But the main point of this rambling.. is that I played in the kitchen tonight. The kitchen that now looks like a sugar cracked ferret exploded all over it. But.. the end result is this... my first attempt at playing with royal icing and lettering. 

It's a bit crude... but what the hell... it was my first attempt. Also, Tardis blue is ridiculously hard to get right. I managed to make an entire bowl of grey icing. GREY. I don't even know. 

I should get on with that gettin' ready thing. 

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